You've finished your story or poem... Now what?

Receive feedback from a professional writer who is passionate about the craft of writing and who can offer you concrete strategies for taking your work to the next level.  

Personalized Feedback

Submit your manuscript for our Editorial Letter Program. In return, you will receive an editorial letter that outlines your demonstrated writing strengths and few focused strategies to use in your revision. We include line notes in your manuscript to highlight specific ways to apply the strategies. Should you want to talk the strategies through and problem solve with a mentor, you may opt for an online meeting with your editor.

How it works:

  • Purchase an editorial letter package, and we will send you a link to submit your manuscript.
  • Submit a manuscript of up to 15 double-spaced pages.
  • Over the course of the next ten days, one of our professional writers will review the manuscript.
  • Writers will receive a one-page editorial letter in return, along with 10-15 line notes in the manuscript.
  • Our notes will help the writer (1) understand what’s working in the manuscript, (2) focus on a practical revision strategy or two, (3) build his or her overall writing skill set.

Q: How do I know if I’m ready for an editorial letter? Whenever you submit your writing for professional feedback, you want to make sure you’ve taken it as far as you’re able. You want to make sure that the feedback you receive challenges you and helps you grow. One excellent reason to submit a manuscript is because you’ve hit a block and you don’t know where to take your piece next. Your editorial letter will help you see the work with fresh eyes and to blast through blocks.  

Q: What if my piece is done? Will an editorial letter help me? No matter how polished your work is, your editorial letter will suggest ways you can make the piece better. If you’re open to revising the manuscript, an editorial letter is absolutely appropriate. Pro writers often seek feedback just before submitting work for a contest or for possible publication. A final round of feedback and revision can make the difference between a strong piece of writing and an extraordinary one.  

Q: What kind of feedback will I receive? At Society of Young Inklings, our aim is to help writers grow no matter their skill level. Your editorial letter will direct your attention toward one or two specific skills that you can practice and apply in your work. These strategies will help you build on a demonstrated strength, make your manuscript stronger, and help you as a writer, overall. We may offer brief feedback on grammar or mechanics, but these areas of writing craft are never our revision focus in the editorial letter process. Download an example here.

Q: May I submit 15 pages of a graphic novel? Or of a script for a play or film? Yes! We have authors and illustrators on our team who can provide you with feedback on various genres. We love seeing the unique forms your creativity takes.  

Q: What if my manuscript is more than 15 double-spaced pages? You may submit longer works. The cost for each additional set of 10 pages is $30, which you can add on with your purchase. Significantly longer submissions may take more than our usual 10-day turn-around. Your mentor will inform you via email should he or she need a small amount of additional time.  

Q: What if my manuscript is less than 15 pages? Our mentors spend 2.5 hours on each editorial project. If you submit fewer pages, we have the time to dig deeper into what you have submitted.  

Q: What if I want to problem-solve with my mentor face-to-face? You may book a one-session online meeting with your mentor to review the written feedback and to receive hands-on guidance applying the strategies suggested.  

Q: What if I’m nervous about sharing my work? We understand the feeling! It’s a daring decision to share your work and ask for feedback. We believe feedback should motivate writers to head back to the page with a “Can do!” attitude. Your editorial letter will not only help you see where your growth opportunities are, but also provide practical strategies for tackling those challenges.  

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