LaSalle County

Society of Young Inklings is thrilled to be launching classes and mentorships in La Salle County, IL through Meridith Donahue. After-school classes will be available in Fall 2014. Browse the programs below.

Mentorship Programs

We offer three entry points for our mentoring programs: Writing Skills, Writing Genre, and Creative Writing.  Each program includes a fully developed activity book, to break the writing process down into manageable steps. We tailor specific programs to meet each student’s particular needs. Mentorship meetings are typically scheduled weekly for 6-12 one-hour sessions. Ongoing mentorships and group mentorships are also available. 

Click on the image below that best describes your child.

My child struggles with writing in general. Learn more about Writing Skills Mentorships My child needs help in one specific area. Learn more about Writing Genre Mentorships
My child won’t stop writing and I can’t keep up. Learn more about Creative Writing Mentorships

Please note: Mentorships in LaSalle County are offered at $50 per hour. 

For details regarding registration or scholarships please contact Jena Brigantino at

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