Online Writer’s Circles

Online writing mentorshipJoin a small circle of dedicated writers who will encourage, provide specific feedback, and inspire you. Your group will be facilitated by a pro-writer and mentor through an online video chat. In each session, you will:

  • play games and do activities that will help you develop your characters, the world of your story, and your plot.
  • share and discuss pieces of your writing project.
  • look at the writing of your peers and share what you love and what you wonder.
  • build close reading skills, and learn to discuss creative work in a way that supports another writer while also helping you to grow your own skill set.
  • discuss and explore at least one practical strategy to strengthen your writing craft.

Writer’s Circle (Introductory)

Our introductory circle is designed for writers who:

  • are ages 8-15.
  • can commit to 6 weeks of sessions starting the week of 9/17 or 10/29.
  • are ready to start (or currently) working on a creative project such as a book, a play or script, or a collection of short stories.
  • enjoy reading, writing, and discussing stories.
  • are committed, motivated, and ready for a challenge.
  • See our FAQ page for more details.

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Full Year Writer’s Circle 

Our full year circle is designed for writers who:

  • are ages 8-15.
  • are currently (or ready to start) working on a novel, collection of short stories, play/script, graphic novel, narrative nonfiction, or other creative work.
  • are ready to commit to sessions running throughout the school year starting the week of 9/17.
  • are excited to set a personal writing goal and ready to apply themselves with dedication.
  • are committed to building their overall set of writing skills and ready for a motivating challenge.
  • See our FAQ page for more details.

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