Parent Corner: Supporting Your Young Writer

Family Activity: A Trio of Tales

Noticing the interesting things that happen in our lives is a skill, and one that requires practice. That’s why, at Society of Young Inklings, we talk about visiting our mental Attic to practice the art of collecting story material from our lives. If we’re in the practice of collecting story ideas everywhere we go, we are well-prepared to write or tell our stories. 

Parents ask us all the time: How can I support my young writer? Here’s a quick activity that you can do while waiting in traffic, grocery shopping, or having a picnic.  

Activity: A Trio of Tales 
Where to Play: Anywhere 
Materials Needed: None 
How to Play:
  1. Start with the following: “A time I …”
  2. Finish the sentence with one of these prompts (or create your own).
    • invented something
    • belly-laughed
    • felt proud
    • saw an animal in the wild
    • gave an interesting gift
    • challenged myself
  3. Each player should come up with three examples to fit the prompt.
  4. Tell your tales out loud. Swap stories back and forth. In this way, the stories will give each player fresh ideas, and also will keep the energy and excitement high.
While you may be tempted to only come up with one “best” story, brainstorming three is a powerful idea-generation tool. With “best” off the table, ideas will more freely flow. If time is short, I’d suggest coming up with three examples and then choosing the best of the three to tell aloud. 

Tell stories with us.

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