Shop Indie BookstoresIt’s year 2095 and Clare Connolly lives on the coast in golden California with her father and little sister. Clare has always been interested in inventions and astronomy, just like her father, a successful businessman and scientist. So, when NASA announces that an Earth-like planet is approaching the solar system, she gets excited. Everything goes well until the night the new planet, Terra, arrives. Clare is forced to leave her home, her friends, and the safety of her neighborhood in order to flee from the horrid death toll and threatening plague. After passing through the famous city of L.A. and picking up a new friend (a 16-year-old boy named Mitchell), the gang discovers an object that just may be from the other planet. Their new task is to find the other three identical objects before someone else finds them… And then, as the days pass, Mitchell is the only thing Clare sees when she closes her eyes. This sci-fi, action-packed, romantic thriller novel will take you into a futuristic world filled with flying cards, new possibilities, and even zombies. You’ll be hooked within just the first few pages. 

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