The Magic Seekers

Two witches and one warlock brave and bold,

This is the story you must be told.

The Devil stole the five Perinot Stones,

But their magic let them escape his bones.

Half the witches’ magic now drained of power,

You must save us at our darkest hour.

The fate of the magical world rests on the shoulders of three twelve year olds. They travel to the enchanted realms of fire, air, water, earth and magic to battle and outwit magical creatures, skeleton armies and even the Devil himself. They risk it all to save the magical Perinot Stones. But will it be enough?


Kaitlyn Penchina was the first Young Inkling to publish a book through the Your Name in Ink Program. Kaitlyn is ten years old and loves to create things–– from fantasy worlds, to new ice cream recipes to models of the ultimate tree house. She wishes the characters of her stories could spring out of her book and into real life and hang out with her. In her books, she likes to take her characters to magical worlds she would like to explore.

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