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He paused, his enthusiasm faltering. “Maddie, we’re in this together. I don’t care what ends up happening, as long as we finish what we started. As long as I can be with you.”

Madison is a girl with power. When she discovered that she was a shape-shifter with the power to turn herself into absolutely anything, she left home to go to a special camp where everyone has powers. Her best friends make camp life great, and she is finally learning to control her powers.

Cole is a boy who can run as fast as he wants. But when the world is in danger and so is his best friend’s sanity, he can’t outrun his problems. At least he will always have Maddie, Rae, and Amanda… or will he?

Megan White is a 9th grader who can’t wait to be a real author. She is inspired by all her friends and family, and of course, her pets. She rides horses whenever she isn’t writing, and loves her horse more than anything else.

50% of book proceeds will go to the SPCA. The other 50% provide scholarships for future Your Name in Ink students

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