Today’s writing challenge response comes from Asher Jenvey. 

Asher took the challenge from our February 2020 Ink Splat with David Yoon. The challenge said:

Imagine you suddenly moved to a new school in a new town where no one knew anything about you. It’s a huge opportunity to be the self you’ve always wanted to be… Tell us about it! What would you do, and how would you change? Would you change at all? What would you hope to get from this fresh start?

By Asher Jenvey
My Name is Trid. My parents named that because it’s Dirt spelled backwards. I’m 12 and I have no friends. People call me silent but, in truth I’m silent because I spend the time others talk thinking and analyzing others. It’s a habit. I lived In Mountain View California until today. I’m moving to L.A. I get in my mom’s car and head to L.A. I think on the way there and do not think it is for the best. I sigh and after a six hour drive we arrive in L.A. I go to the apartment my parents are renting out. I get on the bed and fall asleep immediately. I wake up at 7 am and get out of bed.

I get dressed and start doing what I have been dreading the most of the move. Going to school. I eat a breakfast of blueberry pancakes. I get into a bus and the driver says ”Pick a seat.” I move to a seat at the back of the bus as a kid about my age trips me and all the kids on the bus laugh. I get red in the face and move quickly to the back of the bus.

I got to the classroom my parents told me to go to and step inside. I see the kid that tripped me in the classroom and I sigh. The teacher assigns me to a seat next to the tripper. I do not like this new school. I wait for everyone to shuffle into the class.

After everyone takes a seat the teacher says “We have a new kid here named Trid I have assigned Tom to be his buddy.”

The tripper groans and says ”Ok.”

The teacher dismisses us and the tripper walks toward me and says,“I have to walk you to your next class.

I say, “Your name’s Tom, right?”

He says, ”Yes.”

We walk to the next class. I enter and Tom walks away. I sigh and for the rest of the day I try to be nice to Tom. And at the end of the day say bye to Tom. He pretends he didn’t hear anything. The next day we talk. I try to be nice but he is still annoying.

A week passes by me being nice to him and everyday he is friendlier until we are friends. I changed my personality from cold and distant to cheerful and friendly. I like this way. Now, Tom and I are the closest of friends.

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