When you ask an author what advice they have for young writers who are serious about their work, one of the most common responses is “Find a community of writers.”

Chances are, they’ll go on to say, “Other writers will encourage you, motivate you, challenge you. They’ll give you perspective and they’ll spark your creative energy. Being around other writers will rub off on you … and you’ll rub off on them, too.”

At Society of Young Inklings, you already have that community of writers, but how can you truly connect with the creative, inspiring individuals in our society? One of the best ways is to join our Drafting Workshop.

For just $25 per month:

  • Join us for live sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday—choose the day you prefer and drop in, no ahead-of-time commitment required
  • Access a library of archive interviews, activity sessions, and writing prompts
  • Collaborate and problem-solve in our community discussion space
  • Meet an inspiring author each month
  • Get feedback on your work in a once-per-month feedback session
  • Take part in where our community is headed next! Drafting Workshoppers are first to know about new programs, and our collaborative discussions often spark the next exciting opportunity at Society of Young Inklings.

Want more?
If you want all of those perks, plus support in setting goals, tracking your progress, and extra personalized attention on your own writing, you can sign up for the mentor-supported level of the Drafting Workshop for $100. You will meet with your mentor once per month for a session focused entirely on you, your goals, and on personalizing your Drafting Workshop experience to make the most of it.

After reviewing our Inklings Book Contest applications, I am all the more convinced of the extreme creativity and talent of our Inklings writing community. Do you know what happens when talented, creative people band together? Magic! And not just the kind you read about in fantasies, but the real-life kind that opens doors to possibilities we haven’t even realized were there. That’s why we can’t wait for you to dive into the Drafting Workshop Community. Your ideas and perspective and creative energy will make a huge impact on us, and we can’t wait to share ours right back with you.

You can learn more about the Drafting Workshop here.

In creativity,

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