Each story matters. 

Learning to move big ideas to the page is a craft that requires time, support and practice. We provide writer-to-writer connections, tools and support to youth who want to learn to express themselves on the printed page.  

Mentor with a Pro!

Personalized Mentorships

We each have stories to tell, and our own unique ways of telling them. That’s why we personalize each mentorship at Society of Young Inklings. Our mentors are professional writers, storytellers, and illustrators who help students understand how they think, learn, and best achieve momentum. Together with their mentors, young writers develop a customized set of strategies and tools so that reaching their writing goals is both practical and fun. Since our mentorships are held online, we're always in your neighborhood. 

Our mentors help you:

  • set a specific goal 
  • challenge yourself to build new skills 
  • stay motivated and track your progress 
  • develop creative and critical thinking strategies 
  • blast through blocks
  • laugh and enjoy yourself along the way  

60 minutes, three-five writers

Tuition: $50 per writer, per session

Your Name in Ink  

Program price varies

Mentor with a Pro!

Q: How often will my daughter meet with her mentor?

Mentorships generally are booked weekly, but some writers choose to meet with their mentors every other week or even once per month.

Q: How will you choose a mentor for my son?  

We consider a number of factors when matching mentors, including schedule and availability for your requested timing, a mentor’s strengths and a young writer's goals, personality match, and a match of interests, genre, and working style. Our mentors are professional writers and authors who bring their own experience and passion for creative work to the art of mentorship.

Q: Will my daughter share her work with her mentor?  

We collaborate using Google docs. During sessions, writers share their work in real-time with their mentors. Prior to each session, mentors scan through the writing done since the previous session. Should a writer want focused editorial reading, along with specific line notes, our mentors offer a variety of á la carte editorial services.  

Q: Does every mentorship lead to a published book?  

Our goal is to empower creative youth. We help writers put the big ideas in their minds and hearts on the page. Thus, we focus on helping youth set and meet goals, while also guiding them as they reflect on the thinking skills that led them to their success. The product of each mentorship, like the mentorship itself, will be personalized. One writer might work on short pieces, focusing solely on skill-building for three months. A youth poet might revise a collection of pieces and create a hand-bound gift book. A third writer might complete a novel, with plans to enroll in the Your Name in Ink program. We help students think through an appropriate goal for their current stage of development and break that project down into manageable steps.

Q: What might a typical session look like?

Each session focuses on a specific skill, such as crafting dialogue, deepening character motivation, or using figurative language to describe a setting. To begin, writers play quick games or try a short writing prompt to explore the day’s skill. Then, they practice applying that skill in their own writing. Finally, they review the day’s learning and keep track of new writing or thinking strategies to add to their toolkits.

Q: Do you have group mentorships?

We love teaching groups of writerly friends! If you have a group of three-five youth writers who would like guidance from pro, have one parent representative contact us to get started. We do not match youth writers together into groups.

Q: How much does it cost?

Our one-time $100 enrollment fee for new students allows us to thoughtfully review your youth writer's schedule, goals, and skill level and match them with a mentor. After that, we invoice at the end of each month for sessions held in that month. One-on-one mentorships are $75 per session and small group mentorships are $50 per student, per session.

Q: Does online mentorship work? Is it safe?

The web has opened incredible opportunities for youth and pros to collaborate, and yet with access also comes the need for mindfulness. We use COPPA guidelines to keep our online spaces safe, and also require that a guardian is present and available during sessions. All of our mentors are background checked. Beyond the fundamentals, however, safety is a core value for us at Society of Young Inklings. In order to develop creatively, one must feel safe, supported and engaged. Our resources and curriculum are all designed to bring a sense of improvisation, experimentation, and productive play to the creative process. Parents, mentors and students alike comment, "I thought it might be odd to meet online, but in the end, I was surprised at how the online space made it even more possible to collaborate." Many youth writers particularly like the real-time Google doc collaboration, as well as the personalized attention that can feel particularly focused through the video interaction.

Q: How can I learn more about your mentorship program?

Join us for our parent webinar, Grit, Empathy, and Vision: How Creative Writing Builds Your Child's Life Skills, where we’ll give you a tour of our suite of programs and opportunities. You’ll learn more about our overall philosophy and the stages of growth you can expect as your child progresses in their creative development. We’ll also share simple tools and strategies to answer one of the questions we’re most frequently asked, “How should I support my child throughout the course of their mentorship?”