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Unleash Your Creativity

Work at your own pace through one of our game-filled learning experiences. In Inklings programs, youth learn practical strategies for developing as artists, gain creative momentum, and tap into the power of their voices as they share their work.

Story Sprint: Write a Fantasy

Sharpen your pencils and lace up your tennis shoes! In this fast-paced mini-course, you will sprint your way from idea to finished short story with author Naomi Kinsman. Whether this is the fifth or fiftieth story you’ve written, you’ll find questions, games, and activities here to launch your thinking in new directions.

Inklings Lab: Design a Novel

You CAN write that novel! Society of Young Inklings will guide you through the process step-by-step. Over the course of six weeks, youth writers will play their way through brainstorming challenges, problem-solving activities, and improvisational games with author, Naomi Kinsman, to create a practical, creative blueprint for their next novel.

Idea Storm

Never face the blank page empty-handed again! Brew up a storm of ideas with Society of Young Inklings in this game-packed online masterclass. Each time you play your way through the Idea Storm, you’ll come away with fresh possibilities for characters, settings, and plots to take back to your writing projects.

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