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Unleash Your Creativity

Join us for a live workshop or work at your own pace through one of our game-filled learning experiences. Either way, you’ll gain practical strategies for developing as an artist, gain creative momentum, and tap into the power of your voice as you share your work.

LIVE Design a Novel Weekend Workshop

October 16 & 17, 2021

Back by popular demand!

Join us for a weekend of writing and kick off your novel in style! In this Zoom workshop facilitated by author, Naomi Kinsman, you’ll learn new tools and strategies to strengthen your writing craft skills, be inspired by ideas and writing by creative peers, and walk step-by-step through the process of developing a strong novel concept. You’ll walk away with at least one drafted scene, plus a complete plan to build from this solid foundation through the drafting process.

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Self-Serve Online Courses

Work through these game-filled experiences at your own pace. Like improv classes for writers, Society of Young Inklings online courses faciliate the thinking process involved in generating and developing an idea, step-by-step. As the writer, you get to focus your creativity on your story rather than on the process of getting those ideas out of your head and onto the page. The result? Your writing momentum is supercharged, so you can make it all the way through “the end,” with confidence and joy.

Story Sprint: Write a Mystery

Sharpen your pencil and your wits … the game is afoot! In this fast-paced mini-course, you will sprint your way from idea to finished short mystery with author, Naomi Kinsman.

Idea Storm

Never face the blank page empty-handed again! Brew up a storm of ideas with Society of Young Inklings in this game-packed online masterclass. Each time you play your way through the Idea Storm, you’ll come away with fresh possibilities for characters, settings, and plots to take back to your writing projects.

Story Sprint: Write a Fantasy

Lace up your tennis shoes and grab that notebook! In this fast-paced mini-course, you will sprint your way from idea to finished short story with author Naomi Kinsman. Whether this is the fifth or fiftieth story you’ve written, you’ll find questions, games, and activities here to launch your thinking in new directions.

Writing Personal Essays

Master the art of the personal essay! As you learn to plan, draft, and revise a stand-out essay, you’ll also gain confidence and perspective about your strengths, practical skills to streamline future writing projects, and the can-do optimism that comes from successfully meeting a challenge head-on.

Inklings Lab: Design a Novel

You CAN write that novel! Society of Young Inklings will guide you through the process step-by-step. Over the course of six weeks, youth writers will play their way through brainstorming challenges, problem-solving activities, and improvisational games with author, Naomi Kinsman, to create a practical, creative blueprint for their next novel.

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