Idea Storm for Remote Classrooms


For the time being, we’re offering the Idea Storm free of charge for your class! Sign up here to get access to a YouTube playlist of the Idea Storm and corresponding resources that you can send to your remote learners.



Never face the blank page empty-handed again! Brew up a storm of ideas with Society of Young Inklings in this game-packed online masterclass.

After you’ve gathered a lively collection of possibilities, we’ll discuss how to split, combine, stretch, and play with those sparks of inspiration.

Each time you play your way through the Idea Storm, you’ll come away with fresh possibilities for characters, settings, and plots to take back to your writing projects.

The Idea Storm is a self-paced course. You can customize the pacing for your class as they engage in distance learning.

You will have access to the course for two years, or as long as the course is available on our site, whichever is longer.

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