Story Sprint: Write a Fantasy for Remote Classrooms

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This purchase is for a classroom license for Story Sprint: Write a Fantasy. This version is specially redesigned for classrooms working remotely during the Spring 2020 response to coronavirus.

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Sharpen your pencils and lace up your tennis shoes! In this fast-paced online course, you will sprint your way from idea to finished short story with author Naomi Kinsman.


After brainstorming a couple of story concepts, each writer will choose one fantastical world to develop. Then, we’ll develop a main character and a flexible plot. Next, we’ll race the clock in a series of short drafting sessions. Finally, writers will choose one of three quick revision strategies, and then transform their story into a colorful book to share with family and friends.


Writers will …

  • practice making quick decisions
  • strengthen their writing stamina
  • learn to both start AND finish a story



Ready …

  • Brainstorm a Fantastical World
  • Explore Character Ideas
  • Develop a Main Character


Set …

  • Map the World of Your Story
  • Storyboard a Plot
  • Troubleshoot Potential Problems



  • Sprint One: Draft the Beginning
  • Sprint Two: Draft the Middle
  • Sprint Three: Draft the Climax
  • Sprint Four: Draft the Resolution


Cross the Finish Line:

  • Quick Revision Strategies
  • Create a Cover and Make it a Book

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