Creative Writing Through Art (7/26/21-7/29/21)


Fasten your seat belt! We’ll take virtual field trips to some of the world’s greatest museums as well as some private fiber art studios, and explore how we can use visual art as an inspiration for our creative work!

In this course, young writers will research the artists and complete some informative and descriptive writings about art. We will also create ekphrastic poems (a type of poem that explores art) and flash fiction stories inspired by the art. Selected writings may be featured on the fiber artists’ studio websites and social media!

Dates: Monday-Thursday, 7/26/21-7/29/21
Time: 1 – 3 pm (PT) // 4 – 6 pm (ET)
Ages: 9-14

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The goal of this course is to create both creative and descriptive works through the observation, analysis, and discussion of visual art by classical and contemporary artists. We will observe the artworks and pay attention to the colors and patterns, the setting and mood of the scene, the characters and their motives, etc.

We will explore and discuss the themes behind the art, such as the relationship between past and present, human and nature, and trash and treasure in this “throwaway society.” We will then write poems and short stories through imaginative play, asking questions like:

  • Pretend that you were in the artwork, what would you see, smell, hear, or taste?
  • What happens to the characters before or after the scene?
  • What conversations would the characters have with each other? What dialogues would the character have with the viewer?

In each class, we will also read exemplary ekphrastic poetry and fiction, discuss the techniques, and use them as mentor texts.

We will share the writings with each other, as well as the fiber artists and art studio visitors! The fiber artist studios that we will write for include the Amy DiPlacido Art Studio, Tricia Royal Art Studio and Abby Holmes Art Studio.

Minimum enrollment: 6
Maximum enrollment: 20
Should minimum enrollment not be met, we will contact you to offer a refund or other learning experience in exchange.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds will be given for cancellations requested two weeks or more in advance of camp. For cancellation requests received less than two weeks before camp, you will receive credit towards another camp or learning experience.

Stone Soup and Society of Young Inklings are both nonprofit organizations, and part of our collaborative mission is to celebrate the full, vibrant diversity of youth writers’ voices and stories.

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Jiang Pu holds a PhD in Education from Michigan State University and M.A. in English literature. She is a published author, editor and translator of many textbooks, literature/children’s literature books; and has 20+ refereed publications in academic journals and presentations in prestigious national/international conferences on language and literacy. She is the Founder of NextGen Education and a founding member of the National Book Club for Kids. She has 15+ years’ of experience teaching in university and K-12 classrooms; and has worked as an international consultant for the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and United Nations’ World Bank since 2019. She currently works with Stone Soup on the book club and real-world writing programs.

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