Stages of Growth for Strong Writers

What Now, What's Next, and Possibilities for the Future

Explore the stages of growth that strong writers experience as they develop. Parents will come away with a roadmap for the possible path ahead and practical strategies for supporting their creative kids now, through next steps, and as they move toward college and careers of their own. We will also explore how focused writerly development can help youth develop grit, empathy, and vision.

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During This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

Five Key Stages of Writerly Development

Strategies for Supporting your Child in Creative Growth

Tools for Challenging your Child and Collaborating with Outside Experts


Insights from 18+ Years of Working with Youth Writers

Naomi Kinsman is the award-winning author of Spilled Ink, A Writer’s Notebook, and the From Sadie’s Sketchbook series. She's the founder and Executive Director of Society of Young Inklings, an organization that empowers young writers. Over the past eighteen years, Naomi has developed Writerly Play, an improv-based writing methodology that brings joy, deep inquiry, and play into the writing process. She's worked with thousands of youth and adult writers, parents, and educators across the country. In this workshop, Naomi is excited to share her wealth of experience with writers across the spectrum to help parents support the creative development of their children. 

Naomi Kinsman

October 23, 2018 // 2:30 pm Pacific

Ready to be your child's supportive champion?

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