Starlight and Shadow

Aanya Singh

Starlight and Shadow

Starlight and Shadow is about a loyal, determined, and very much family-oriented wolf named Starlight and her quest to unite her family. Her brother joined another pack and her dad took off when they were young. Although the rest of her family might not care as much as she does, Starlight wants to live with them again and will go through almost anything to make that happen. While reading, you will feel curious, scared, and excited through the ups and downs. Starlight’s story will give you insight into how it might be to live as a wolf and fight for what you believe in—inspiring courage and boldness as we fight for what matters most to us, too.

Proceeds from sales of Starlight and Shadow will support the International Wolf Center.

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About Aanya

Aanya Singh likes to sketch, play tennis, listen to music, and spend time with her dog, Rolo. Aanya likes to write fictional stories. Some things that inspire her are her friends, famous singers, and her family. In the future, she can see herself being a vet.

About Your Name in Ink

In the Your Name in Ink Program, professional writers mentor youth through a 6-9 month revision process which results in a printed or published book available through independent bookstores and other retailers. Through Your Name in Ink, youth writers:

  • experience the editorial process
  • take their writing skills to the next level
  • learn the ins and outs of how the publishing world works
  • support a cause they believe in with the proceeds of their book

“Youth authors have important stories to tell,” says Society of Young Inklings Executive Director, Naomi Kinsman. “By publishing their novels, we celebrate their enormous accomplishment. Their gift of perspective and the funds they raise make an impact on causes close to their hearts.”