Our goal is to raise $40,000 to fully cover our annual Inklings Book Contest so that more youth writers can unleash their voices into the world. Will you donate today and help us celebrate the next generation of writers in 2023?

You are helping youth authors confidently chase their dreams and write the stories in their hearts and minds.

Your support means that we can keep offering the Inklings Book Contest FREE to all writers. Each year’s contest includes 1-on-1 mentorship for our winners, a published anthology featuring each of the winning submissions, personalized feedback from a writing mentor to every entrant, and a showcase of our finalists on the Inklings website.

Your generosity also means we can create and share free learning resources leading up to the contest with educators and schools across the country. This year, with your support, we aim to identify and connect with more Title 1 schools in order to share our free contest resources and build new relationships with educators and administrators.

All of this takes time, money, and energy. We are so grateful for your financial support so that we can see more and more youth writers lit up and changed for the better through the art of creative writing. It’s not just about what they may write. It’s about who they become through the process.