Who’s the Drafting Workshop for?

Creative youth who want to write more, stretch their writing skills, and connect with peers who also love playing with words and shaping stories.


What happens in the Drafting Workshop?

Every month in the Drafting Workshop, you’ll:

  • Choose your project and draft with courage and commitment, at a pace that fits your life and creative style.
  • Set a personal goal and track your progress. Your Inklings mentors will review your updates and record a video response, just for you!
  • Brainstorm ideas and chat about writing craft with your peers, your youth counselors, and your Inklings mentors in our facilitated discussion space.
  • Participate in Drafting Workshop activities, including a monthly writing challenge, author interview, and some quick skill-building activities that you can either attend live or watch after the fact.


Why should you join the Drafting Workshop?

Excellent question! Here are a few reasons in the words of our Inklings:

The Drafting Workshop is fun because you get to work together and you get to connect with a counselor. I liked the What’s the Worst Thing that Could Happen? Challenge. I opened up the discussion and saw what other people thought, and I could grab a bit of one and a bit of another, and add my own ideas until I found something for my own story that I could use. It was also helpful to set a goal and milestones.


9 years old

Before I started the Drafting Workshop, when I sat down to write, I often had a hard time knowing where to start. When I joined, the challenges helped me find a structure for my writing. Now, I have new goals to accomplish when I sit down to write.


14 years old

For a long time I’d been wanting to write more. The Drafting Workshop community encouraged me to stick with my writing.


10 years old

Whether you’re writing a novel, short stories, poetry, or working on your overall creative writing skill set, the Drafting Workshop will help you set goals and stick with them. Plus, you’ll learn from your peers and share your perspective and insight with them, too. Our community of writers will be even more vibrant when you add your voice. Come on over and join us!

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