We are so excited to announce the results of the 2023 Inklings Book Contest today! 

Before we do that, we want to thank each and every one of you who sent in your stories and poems. It’s a privilege to receive submissions from youth writers like you—from all over the world—and hear your unique voices and perspective. It’s also tough because we have to make tough decisions. We wish we could publish every single piece! We’re looking forward to sending each one of you a special letter later this month that shares what stood out in your work.

All participants, please be sure to check the email address you provided when submitting for more details about what happens next.

Now, drum roll, please…the 2023 Inklings Book Contest winners are…

2023 Inklings Book Contest Winners

Our winning writers wowed us with their stories and poems! We look forward to working with each of these writers and publishing their stories and poems in the 2023 Inklings Book Anthology. This year’s book will include:

  • “Green” by Maya McLoughlin, 3rd Grade, Mountain View, CA
  • “Ball of Dreams” by James Wang, 4th Grade, Irvine, CA
  • “The Incredible Adventures of J.M. Kiwi” by Peter Lee, 4th Grade, Los Altos, CA
  • “Inside My Mind” by Nyala Starr, 4th Grade, Bethesda, MD
  • “pp | ff” by Audrey Shaw, 4th Grade, Burlingame, CA
  • “Plan B for School” by Maya Mourshed, 5th Grade, Silver Spring, MD
  • “The Way Home” by Aliyah Pawar, 5th Grade, Ellisville, MO
  • “The Tithe” by John Henry Brusca, 6th Grade, Rydal, PA
  • “The Heliocentric Theory” by Yong May Edsall, 6th Grade, Fairfax, CA
  • “Countdown to Game Time” by Sai Ramamurthy, 6th Grade, Los Altos Hills, CA
  • “Quantum Leaps” by Aimee Burmeister, 7th Grade, Menlo Park, CA
  • “Under the Ferns” by Madeline Cleveland, 7th Grade, Belleville, WI
  • “Within Me Are Stories” by Hayden Hughes, 7th Grade, Newtown, CT
  • “When the Past Rules the Present” by Mylan Gardner, 8th Grade, Mountain View, CA
  • “Izzy” by Kayla Garcia, 8th Grade, Santa Ana, CA
  • “Set My Skin Ablaze” by Maliah Opuni, 8th Grade, Glenside, PA
  • “Fear” by Dylan Wintroub, 8th Grade, San Francisco, CA
  • “A Creature Called Crush” by Caitlyn Yang, 9th Grade, Toronto, ON
  • “An Ocean Away” by Audrey Lee, 9th Grade, Menlo Park, CA
  • “The Railroad” by Ariel Zhang, 9th Grade, San Jose, CA


Our finalists wrote exemplary stories and poems and we look forward to featuring them on our website this summer.

  • Avyaan Mariserla, 3rd Grade
  • Eleanor Jansen, 3rd Grade
  • Amelia Rossignoli, 4th Grade
  • Gia Shah, 4th Grade
  • Haruka Sophie Rowland, 4th Grade
  • Sierra Gray, 4th Grade
  • Antony Predescu. 5th Grade
  • Beatrice Bernhard. 5th Grade
  • Charles Huang, 5th Grade
  • Crystal Gallimore, 5th Grade
  • Lily Miller, 5th Grade
  • Maheen Khan, 5th Grade
  • Molly Felt, 5th Grade
  • Natalie Yue, 5th Grade
  • Rianne Chen, 5th Grade
  • Savi (Yueyu) Kanal, 5th Grade
  • Siyona Agarwal. 5th Grade
  • Sofia Grandis-Oliveira, 5th Grade
  • Virinchi Madireddy, 5th Grade
  • Anya Ramamurthy, 6th Grade
  • Atasee Balaji, 6th Grade
  • Ellie Zegestowsky, 6th Grade
  • Henley Ferguson, 6th Grade
  • John Gabriel Sperl, 6th Grade
  • Leo DiNota, 6th Grade
  • Lila Hershenson, 6th Grade
  • Lilly Ivancevic, 6th Grade
  • Maia Cavagnolo, 6th Grade
  • Megan Stetson, 6th Grade
  • Millen Shah, 6th Grade
  • Nova Macknik-Conde, 6th Grade
  • Sarah Vanterpool, 6th Grade
  • Shivali H. Patra, 6th Grade
  • Steven Cavros, 6th Grade
  • William Kayden Thornbrough, 6th Grade
  • Winslow van Reesema, 6th Grade
  • Caitlyn Lee, 7th Grade
  • Gavin Liu, 7th Grade
  • Natalia Martin, 7th Grade
  • Sofie Dardzinski, 7th Grade
  • Bella Dowd, 8th Grade
  • Danica Richey, 8th Grade
  • Ella Doschek Serengulian, 8th Grade
  • Ellie Feldelmoffat, 8th Grade
  • Valerie Sebastian, 8th Grade
  • Bhavya Raman, 9th Grade
  • Leo Menell, 9th Grade
  • Lindsay Li, 9th Grade
  • Naomi Pond, 9th Grade
  • Samuel Teoh, 9th Grade