For Collaborators

Join us in our mission to cheer writers on as they move the big ideas in their heads and hearts out onto the page.

At Society of Young Inklings, we take youth on a journey to discover and cultivate their writing voice. In partnership with author-mentors and a passionate community of peers, Inklings develop the essential thinking skills writers need to get their creative ideas on the page.

How might you collaborate with us?

As a corporate or individual sponsor, your gifts fund meaningful programs, such as our free-to-all Inklings Book Contest.

As partners, we can collaboratively build creative solutions that make a difference in the world, and amplify one another’s impact.

As a volunteer or collaborating artist, your gifts of time and expertise make youth writers feel seen and heard.

Our approach:

Creative writing is the art of making your thoughts and imaginative ideas visible on the page.

And how do creative writers develop their artistry? At Society of Young Inklings, we invite you to join like-minded peers to develop your writerly voice. The first step is to say yes to exploring and experimenting. Next, build both your creative thinking and writing craft skills as you commit to passion-led projects. Then, multiply your mastery and confidence as you revise, publish, and share your work with your peers and the wider community.

What do youth writers gain as part of Society of Young Inklings?

  • Creative confidence Creative and critical thinking skills
  • Reading expertise, including the ability to reverse-engineer texts
  • Writing craft and storytelling skills
  • Self-awareness and reflection practices
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Resilience
  • Visioning, goal-setting and project organization skills
  • Collaboration techniques and tools
  • Understanding of the design thinking process

For example:

Like William Miller, they might write a poem to enter into our Inklings Book contest, win, work with a mentor to revise their work, and then be published in our Inklings Book.

Like Avery Yue, they might build character development skills in a series of short story experiments, and then dive into a major project, like drafting, revising, and publishing a trilogy.

Like Madeline Sornson, they might write a play, enter the Scholastic Art and Writing awards, win a Gold Key, and then even see their play produced at a local theatre company.

But being an Inkling isn’t only about publishing books and winning contests. The real fun of being an Inkling is that writers are part of a community of artists who are excited about exploring their creative potential. Often that starts with the little things, like the practice of jotting ideas in a journal, or of paying attention to the fascinating details in the world around them. Our major focus is on helping youth to think like artists, developing a set of thinking skills and creative confidence that will serve them well in every endeavor, including school, career, and hobbies. Whether they write every day, every week, or even once a month, writers grow as artists as part of the Society of Young Inklings.

Join the community of Young Inklings today!