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Development for Youth Writers

Youth athletes train their muscles.

Youth musicians train their ears.

Youth writers train their creativity.

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Mentor with a pro. We offer video mentorships, so no matter where you live, we’re in your neighborhood.

Online Courses

Develop your writerly skills at your own pace, learning strategies, tools and stories from pros who’ve been right where you are.

Don’t Live the Too-Small Story. 


You have stories to tell, stories that will expand your empathy and resilience, and help others see life from your unique perspective. Our community of writers and artists will help you tap into your voice, play with the big ideas in your head, and share them with the world.

  • Youth writers are expertly matched with a mentor from our team of professionals.


  • Together, youth and their mentors will individualize, map and problem-solve a creative project, using games, critical thinking strategies and a blended focus on process and product.


  • Our mentors offer real-world stories, strategies, and perspective gained through years of experience pursuing their own creative careers.

SYI is a registered non-profit dedicated to providing programs to support a diversity of youth voices nationwide, particularly in high-need and underserved communities. We offer need-based scholarships, low-cost, and free programming.

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