Inklings Book Contest

Share Your Big Ideas with the World

Whether you write stories or poems or both, whether your words are funny, heartfelt, imaginative, or true-to-life, there’s a place for you in the Inklings Book Contest. Every 3rd-9th grade writer who enters will receive feedback, and members (have you joined yet?) will receive an editorial letter in response to their submission. That means this contest is a win-win, for every applicant!

Thanks to all who submitted for the Inklings Book Contest 2019!

Congratulations to the 2019 Inklings Book Finalists!

The Inklings Book Contest results are in! Winners will be mentored through the revision process and published in our 2019 Inklings Book. Finalists will receive an editorial letter from our team and will be given the opportunity to publish their work on our blog this summer.

We are honored you would share your stories and poems with us. Congrats, winners andfinalists!

Esabella Uche, grade 3
Maryam Ali, grade 3
Liana Zhu, grade 4
Ching Yi Mak, grade 4
Kaia Lucas, grade 4
Austin Moon, grade 4
Caroline Strickland, grade 4
Simon Chien, grade 4
Caitlyn Zhu. grade 5
Vedant Balan, grade 5
Carolina Ruiz, grade 6
Chris Matthews, grade 6
Sanjay Ravishankar, grade 6
Maizie Ferguson, grade 7
Natalie Wong, grade 7
Julie Shi, grade 7
Melody Xu, grade 8
Claire Reiger, grade 8
Inés García, grade 9
Maia Goel, grade 9

Zar Rezwan Pavri
Ruby Chien
Victoria Cui
Theodore Xanthopoulos
Amogh Kashyap
Anna Linney
Shinjini Samanta
Risha Jadhav
Troy Koh
Faustin Harroch
Andrew Weygandt
Mohammad Ali Kazmi
Maggie Liu
Isabelle Ling
Lila Tierney
Gabbie Long
Alexander Lozano
Lily Moon
Asmitha Pallath
Helena Crawford
Rebecca Kunze
Lily Shi
Claire Belcourt
London Mathews
Audrey Shotland
Linda Chang
Annalee Anderson
Ksenia Baatz
Olga Sofia Dominguez
Kylie Chen
Vedika Patani
Lauren Lin
Natalie Sharp
Alyssa Wong
Claire Wong
Sterling Davies
Suchitha Reddy
Collin Goel
Keon Young
Grace Henson
Isobel Li
Calvin Ray
Anna Birman
Gabriella “Skye” Ransome
Anna Yang
Anika Knowles
Emma Smith
Jade Wang

If you missed this year’s contest, not to worry! We offer this fantastic opportunity to receive editorial feedback from a pro each year, and for 20 winners, to be published in our Inklings Book Anthology. Check back in January 2020 for contest details.


What is the Inklings Book?

The Inklings Book is an anthology that features short stories and poems by twenty young writers and is professionally published by Society of Young Inklings in August of each year.

Who is the contest for?

Young writers in grades 3-9 who are ready to be treated like a pro and increase their writing skills. Winners will work with a professional mentor on an in-depth revision prior to publication in the book. Finalists will receive an editorial letter and the opportunity to revise prior to publication on our website.

How do I submit?

The application window is closed for this year. Come back in January 2020 to check out details for next year’s contest. Submit your manuscript with our easy online application. Make sure to join Society of Young Inklings before submitting, so that you can receive a personalized editorial letter, whether or not you are chosen as a winner or finalist. Educator members can submit a full classroom set of stories and poems, and all students will receive professional feedback. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear from a pro!  All applicants will receive a note of encouragement about their writing.

How are the winners chosen?

We look for stories with a strong point of view, intriguing characters, descriptive settings, and well-developed plots. In poetry, we look for lyrical language, rhythm, and that touch of flair or surprise that makes a poem stand out. Most importantly, we review applications closely to ensure that the chosen winners are committed to the revision process. Up to ten winners will be chosen from grades 3-6 and up to ten from grades 7-9.

What will I win?

Winners receive a two-session editorial mentorship with a professional mentor/writer, throughout which they will revise and polish their poem or story. The revised stories and poems are then published in the Inklings Book, which is distributed through various retail channels. Winners also receive their own copy of the Inklings Book as well as one for their school. Finalists will receive a personalized editorial letter with feedback about their work and the opportunity to be published on our website.

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