This past weekend, we celebrated the release of the 2021 Inklings Book and our first ever Inklings Book Encore. We celebrated at a Zoom party with our authors and then watched our two premiere videos that feature interviews and readings from each of our published authors. Scroll down to enjoy each of those videos and find out more about this year’s anthologies.

Inklings Book 2021

Society of Young Inklings’ thirteenth annual Inklings Book anthology features stories and poems by youth authors in grades three through nine. Each piece is paired with a letter from the youth’s author-mentor who guided them through a personalized revision, plus an interview about the experience. The result is a literary feast-part celebration of spectacular writers and their powerful voices, part practical revision guide. Whether you’re looking for a thumping good read, inspiration for your own writing, or both, you’ve stumbled across the just-right book.

Inside this year’s Inklings Book anthology, you will find magical nights, a mischievous elf, an alien queen, dragons, mystery, and most of all, inspiring words filled with courage, hope, and resilience. Watch the video for readings from each piece and a short interview with each young author.

Inklings Book Encore 2021

This year marks Society of Young Inklings’ thirteenth annual Inklings Book Contest. Our judges faced a fabulous problem: too many winning entries! Not only that, but past winners had outdone their previous work, demanding a fresh challenge from our writing community. In the end, we decided to feature these repeat winners in a volume of their own. We invited them to put the revision skills they learned in their first Inklings Book publishing experience to the test. In the pages of the Inklings Book Encore, you’ll find the result – a literary celebration featuring the not-to-be-missed, powerful voices of youth writers dedicated to challenging themselves and one another to new heights.

In this video, we’ll hear from each of these youth authors as they share an excerpt from their winning pieces and their thoughts about the revision process.

We can’t hold the contest without your help! Please consider supporting the Inklings Book Contest and our young authors today. Your support helps us connect with youth writers and provide them with free learning opportunities throughout the contest – as they prepare, as they enter, and as they revise their work as winners and finalists. You can support the contest by buying your own copy of the Inklings Book or Inklings Book Encoreor you can donate at this page.