Looking for a lively change of pace and splash of creative fun? Come on over and play your way to the page with Society of Young Inklings’ Family Story Nights. Each session features an author leading your family through a creative workshop designed to help you stretch your thinking skills and tap into your unique voice.

Stories offer us ways to play together, to connect, and to share our perspective and ideas. At Young Inklings, we tap into storytelling in playful, hands-on ways that bypass resistance so that we can access wholehearted connection. Playing together as a family isn’t always easy––but it is always important. That’s why we want to invite you and your family to come play with us. You don’t have to do anything except show up––we’ll guide you out of your living room and into the landscape of creative play. The shared stories and ideas you’ll create might even spark ideas for continued family creativity, an opportunity to invent and share stories together.

In our first session, Naomi led us through a world-building workshop––think Narnia, Wonderland, or Middle Earth. Here’s what one mom of two had to say about her experience:

Both of my children were so excited by the map-making activity Naomi led us through! They talked nearly non-stop about the decisions they were making for their worlds and the ideas that were coming up. My 8-year-old still has her map saved in a special place in her room.

For me, Family Story Night was refreshing and so different than our normal day-to-day activities. I’m not a naturally playful parent, so this time gave me a chance to play and create with my children in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise. And because I wasn’t the one in charge of the activity, I felt free to spend Family Story Night enjoying and engaging with my children.


On May 4, join us and Lisa Frenkel Riddiough, author of Elvis and the World as it Stands. Lisa will guide your family through an interactive activity to help you each make a truly special character. What makes your character tick? What keeps them moving forward? How do they communicate with others? We’ll find out together on May 4th!


 On June 22, we’ll be joined by author and illustrator Daria Peoples-Riley. Daria will share her process to create picture books inspired by the spoken word art form. She will guide family members in writing and illustrating a spoken word poem inspired by the joys and concerns of their heart. Bring your favorite art supplies for this one!


These sessions are appropriate for the whole family. While the actual writing and creative activities will best suit writers ages 6 through 106, younger family members can also help out with ideas and drawings and of course, by adding their joy and laughter.

Tickets are by donation.

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