Inklings Book Encore 2021

Be dazzled by the outstanding stories and poems featured in this, our very first Inklings Book Encore anthology. This year marks Society of Young Inklings’ thirteenth annual Inklings Book Contest. Our judges faced a fabulous problem: too many winning entries! Not only that, but past winners had outdone their previous work, demanding a fresh challenge from our writing community. In the end, we decided to feature these repeat winners in a volume of their own. We invited them to put the revision skills they learned in their first Inklings Book publishing experience to the test. In these pages, you’ll find the result-a literary celebration featuring the not-to-be-missed, powerful voices of youth writers dedicated to challenging themselves and one another to new heights. Happy reading to you!
Youth authors featured in this collection:

  • Maryam Ali
  • Steven Cavros
  • Victoria Cui
  • Maizie Ferguson
  • Trisha Iyer
  • Ayana Kadkol
  • Karina Knowles
  • Claire Lignore
  • Audrina Quiroz
  • Sanjay Ravishankar
  • Reagan Ricker
  • Lila Tierney
  • Caitlyn Zhu

Proceeds from sales of this book support the free-to-all annual Inklings Book Contest, in which all youth applicants receive personalized, encouraging feedback on their work. Learn more about Society of Young Inklings at www.younginklings.org.

Grab your copy from Amazon or support indie bookstores by purchasing a copy from IndieBound.