We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest published author, Lucas Kawamoto! Lucas recently published his book, World’s End: The Twin Files, through our Fresh Ink publishing program. In Fresh Ink, youth authors with a completed draft of a novel are mentored through a chapter-by-chapter revision process. At the end of the program, the author is guided through the publication process resulting in an ink-and-paper book they can hold in their hands and share with other readers! We interviewed Lucas about his experience in the program. Keep reading to learn more about Lucas’ book and Fresh Ink.

Interview with Lucas Kawamoto

Tell us about your book.

World’s End: The Twin Files is an action and dystopian novel that I’ve been working on for the past 4 years. As the first major piece of novel writing I’ve tackled, I’ve learned so much from the writing process and mentorship experience that went into it. The characters, settings, dynamics, and events within the book will keep you on the edge of your seat rooting for the protagonists to prevail; however, there’s a plot twist at the end that leaves you questioning EVERYTHING. Enjoy reading!

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

IMy personal favorite character in “The Twin Files” is August Gilman. I wanted to explore the story of a young man whose dedication to his obligations clashes with the desire to protect those he holds dearly. I think August does exactly that; he combines wit, charisma, and a dynamic set of skills with vulnerability and uncertainty, making him an inspiring protagonist whom I hope readers learn from.

Did you enjoy revising your story in layers? What did you learn about revision by working on it stage by stage?

Working with my advisor, Tasslyn, was an incredible experience that I’ll always be grateful for. I learned so much through revising in a step-by-step process that included narrowing down the story into a single perspective, changing scene locations to better fit the plot, and most importantly losing almost 10,000 words from the total count. However, I believe that the novel benefitted from the shorter word count. The process taught me that as a writer, it’s much easier to write too much than too little; the same overarching story is told but in a more succinct, impactful way.

What do you hope your readers will take away from your book?

While the level of writing in my novel might not be on par with professional authors, I’m still proud of the work I was able to accomplish in my late elementary and middle school years. I hope readers are inspired by not only the novel’s main themes of courage and misleading appearances, but also by knowing that they can accomplish anything with their writing. Whether writing about spies and world-ending events like myself, or detailing accounts of anything from fantasy to historical fiction, novel-writing is a tremendous experience that I encourage anyone to try their hand at. It starts with picking up a pencil or computer, and it ends with the finishing touches of a story that will leave in an indelible mark on you and your readers.

What would you tell someone who wrote a novel and is not sure they want to do revisions?

Absolutely make revisions. Initially, I was defensive about revising my novel, but at the end of the day, your story will be better for it. Not only does a professional perspective benefit everything from plot to line edits, the experience will also make you a better writer forever.


You can grab your copy of World’s End: The Twin Files at Amazon or by request it at your favorite indie bookstore!

Are you ready to publish your novel?

It’s time to take your novel, and your writerly skillset, to the next level! In the Fresh Ink Program, professional writers mentor youth through a chapter-by-chapter revision process which results in a printed or published book available through independent bookstores and other retailers. Through Fresh Ink, you will: complete a full novel revision, take your writing skills to the next level, and learn what it takes to publish a book