We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest published author, Sloka Edara! Sloka recently published her book, Bridge of Starlight, through our Fresh Ink publishing program. In Fresh Ink, youth authors with a completed draft of a novel are mentored through a chapter-by-chapter revision process. At the end of the program, the author is guided through the publication process resulting in an ink-and-paper book they can hold in their hands and share with other readers! We interviewed Sloka about her experience in the program. Keep reading to learn more about Sloka’s book and Fresh Ink.

Interview with Sloka Edara

Tell us about your book.

My book is called Bridge of Starlight. It’s a book about a normal girl, Charlie, a bit paranoid, whose whole world is thrown into a frenzy in one afternoon. As if the people she loves being abducted isn’t enough already, she finds herself in a secret magical organization that reveals hidden information to her. And her whole life changes. Just like that.Soon, she finds herself thrown into a conflict that she didn’t know about until that one fateful afternoon. And the question is: Will she succeed alongside her friends? Or will she suffer the consequences?

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

I have a few favorite characters, but one of them is the main character, Charlie. In the most character-developing scene, she goes from a constantly hiding-in-the-background teenager to an entirely different person: self-sufficient and ready for anything.

What do you hope your readers will take away from your book?

I hope that my readers will see that it’s okay to be afraid, and you can take the help of the people you love – friends and family – to overcome every obstacle in the way of what you need to do. Even if, perhaps, the goal isn’t saving the world.


You can grab your copy of Bridge of Starlight at Barnes and Noble or by request it at your favorite indie bookstore!

Are you ready to publish your novel?

It’s time to take your novel, and your writerly skillset, to the next level! In the Fresh Ink Program, professional writers mentor youth through a chapter-by-chapter revision process which results in a printed or published book available through independent bookstores and other retailers. Through Fresh Ink, you will: complete a full novel revision, take your writing skills to the next level, and learn what it takes to publish a book