Have you checked out our newest course yet? It’s called Story Sprint: Write a Fantasy and it’s designed to take a creative writer from idea to finished short story, all in one sprint!


Here’s what we’ll cover:


  • Brainstorm a Fantastical World
  • Explore Character Ideas
  • Develop a Main Character


  • Map the World of Your Story
  • Storyboard a Plot
  • Troubleshoot Potential Problems


  • Sprint One: Draft the Beginning
  • Sprint Two: Draft the Middle
  • Sprint Three: Draft the Climax
  • Sprint Four: Draft the Resolution

Cross the Finish Line

  • Quick Revision Strategies
  • Create a Cover and Make it a Book

We suggest one of three approaches to the course:

  • Spend a Saturday with the Inklings: Throw a writing party and work your way from beginning to end in three (intense) hours.
  • Write over four weekends: Break the writing process up so you can spend more time drafting and building your skills along the way.
  • Create a masterpiece in six weeks: Give yourself the luxury of time for each stage of the writing process. You’ll have time to stretch your skills, explore possibilities outside your comfort zone, and invest time in polishing and revising your work.

… Or try all three!

That’s the best thing about the Story Sprint series. It’s an experience designed for creative thinkers who love to push past their limits. You know the best way to level up as an artist is to write the very best story you can, and once you’re done, build on all you’ve learned when you start the process again.

Whether this is the fifth or fiftieth story you’ve written, you’ll find questions, games, and activities here to launch your thinking in new directions.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll write!


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