We often talk with parents and educators about how creative writing boosts lifelong learning skills. However, we’ve all also watched the writers in our lives mess around with creative projects and never really get anywhere. So, how do we help them not only reach their writing goals, but also make them most of the personal growth that’s possible through their creative work? 

In our Fall 2020 masterclass, we discussed how parents and educators might start with a writer’s curiosity, build on it, and support their creative exploration through meaningful conversations.

What will you learn in this masterclass?

Learn how creative writing awakens and builds lifelong learning skills such as goal setting, resilience, problem-solving, adaptability, and critical thinking. Author and Executive Director of Society of Young Inklings, Naomi Kinsman, provides easy, practical strategies you can use to support your writer as they tap into their natural curiosity and creativity.

The practical strategies and tools in this masterclass are so important that we wanted to make it available even to those who weren’t able to attend the original session. You’ll find the replay, plus a wealth of conversation tools and strategies for parents at the link below.


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