Get Published (Coming Soon!)


Stories are meant to be shared! That’s why we’re offering a brand new publishing program, Get Published, in partnership with the Reynolds Center. Using an online creativity tool designed by Peter Reynolds, you’ll design a cover, break your text across pages, and add flair with illustrations. Once you’ve completed your draft, you’ll pass it to editor-in-chief, Naomi Kinsman, for a round of editorial feedback, just like you might in a traditional publishing house! After making your final tweaks to words and images, it’s time to publish your work as a hard-cover book you can print and share.

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Here’s how it works:

After you purchase, we’ll send you access to the Reynolds Center Get Published digital publishing platform and we’ll help you revise and publish your work.

You’ll begin by designing your draft of your book and cover, with the support of video resources from Naomi Kinsman, Peter Reynolds, and other pros. Once your draft is complete, you’ll send your book through to Naomi, our Inklings editor-in-chief, and she’ll write you an editorial letter to help you take your work to the next level. Over the course of about 2-4 weeks, you’ll apply that feedback to make final tweaks to your words and images. Our team will take a look and do a quick copyedit, just to make sure all those mechanics are in tip-top shape. Once your book is finished, you’ll have access to your ebook and we’ll send you a printed copy of your book! More copies can be printed on-demand at an additional cost.

Are you ready to publish your book? Run through this readiness checklist to make sure. If you’re not quite there yet, not to worry! Use the checklist to support you as you prepare and come back whenever you’re ready.