Inklings Book 2015


Be swept away by the imaginations and hearts of twenty young authors. This spectacular collection of stories and poems by first-eighth grade Inklings—alongside letters from their author-mentors—will not only surprise and delight you, but give you an insider’s look into twenty different revision processes. Whether you’re six or sixty, you’ll find tips between these covers that are sure to send you back to the page for a revision of your own.

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The Inklings Book 2015 is the result of our annual Inklings Book Contest. Youth writers from around the country submitted stories and poems to be considered, and 20 youth writers were chosen to be featured in the book. Each youth author worked with a mentor to revise their winning pieces, and the results are here for your reading delight! The stories and poems are complemented by interviews with each author, along with a letter from their insightful mentors about the revision process. Along with being a thumping good read, the book is stuffed full of writing craft insight and practical strategies that you can try in your own writing.

The anthology includes work by these Young Inklings: Phoebe Barrientos, Samantha Sasaki, Tal Dickman, Rachel Hoge, Olivia Cisneros, Evie Landreth, Ashley Schwatka, Sonia Kulasooriya, Daniel Kao, Rachel Gould, Rouli Freeman, Kiera Finlay, Mitesh Jain, Katie Turk, Benjamin Bouie, Cynthia Wang, Kabir Buch, Timothy Leung, Sonia Cherian, and Ellie Turk.

Their mentors include: Andrew Avallone, Melinda R. Cordell, Mandy Davis, Meridith Donahue, Frances Lee Hall, Ann Jacobus, Elizabeth Jellison, Naomi Kinsman, Sara Kvols, Jennifer Mazi, Polly McCann, Erica McCuaig, Jane O’Reilly, Helen Pyne, Sarah Lyn Rogers, Jessica Senn, Kelly Smith, Andrew Steeves, and Kristi Wright.

Cover illustration by Brian Bowes: www.brianbowesillustration.com

Learn more about the Inklings Book Contest here.