Inklings Book 2018


Embrace imagination in eighteen fanciful stories and poems by passionate young authors.

This tenth-anniversary edition of the annual Inklings Book anthology features work by young writers in grades three through nine. Covering subjects from heartache to gnome safety, each piece is a daydream an Inkling brought into reality—with the help of grown-up author-mentors guiding revisions! Part storybook, part teaching tool, Inklings Book 2018 can both inspire and guide your literary flights of fancy.

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The Inklings Book 2018 is the result of this year’s Inklings Book Contest. Youth writers from around the world submitted stories and poems to be considered, and 18 youth writers were chosen to be featured in the book. Each youth author worked with a mentor to revise their winning pieces, and the results are here for your reading delight! The stories and poems are complemented by interviews with each author, along with a letter from their insightful mentors about the revision process. Along with being a thumping good read, the book is stuffed full of writing craft insight and practical strategies that you can try in your own writing.

The anthology includes work by these Young Inklings: Ksenia Baatz, Anna Birman, Jeein Choi, Adam Collins, Alexa Friesel, Mito Funatsu, Allison Gable, Nuala Kilroy, Padma Madhyasta, Amann Mahajan, Claire McNerney, Sanjay Ravishankar, Eva Salvatierra, Shinjini Samanta, Ember Summer, Max Wang, Anna Yang, and Liana Zhu.

Their mentors include: Bronté Bettencourt, Philomena Block, Joanna Ho Bradshaw, Dave Butler, Jenn Castro, Ernesto Cisneros, Alex Doherty, Malar Ganapathiappan, Jamieson Haverkampf, Ailynn Knox-Collins, Tasslyn Magnusson, Polly Alice McCann, Jena McNealy, Helen Pyne, Sarah Lyn Rogers, Sonja Solter, and Kristi Wright.

Cover illustration by Polly Alice McCann: www.pollymccann.com.

Learn more about the Inklings Book Contest here.