Mentorship Enrollment


We each have stories to tell.

Plus, our own unique ways of telling them. That’s why we personalize each mentorship at Society of Young Inklings. Our mentors are professional writers, storytellers, and illustrators who help students understand how they think, learn, and best achieve momentum. Our mentorships are designed for writers ages 8+ who are ready for a challenge.



We’re thrilled to get your youth writer set up with their custom mentorship. Please follow these next steps to get started:

  1. Purchase here to pay your one-time enrollment fee.
  2. Fill out the personalized mentorship intake form (look for a link in your email!) so we can get to know your youth writer a little better.
  3. We’ll match you with a pro mentor and connect you to get started!


After your initial enrollment fee, prices are as follows, invoiced at the end of each month:

  • One-on-One Mentorships: $75 per each 45 minute session
  • Small Group Mentorship (3-5 students): $50 per student, per session.


To learn more about mentorship with Young Inklings, take a look here.