Writerly Play Kit FOR EDUCATORS

Kicking Off Writerly Play in Your Classroom

Writerly Play for Educators

Kicking Off Writerly Play in Your Classroom

If you’ve ever been frustrated as a writer, or as a teacher of writers, then Writerly Play is for you. Writerly Play brings joy back to the writing process. It’s not that these games and strategies are magic. In fact, the more that people use Writerly Play, the more they start to invent their own games and strategies. That’s because more than anything else, Writerly Play is a mindset. This means (excellent news for busy educators!) Writerly Play will easily fit into your current curriculum. The tools are practical, easy to adapt, and an invitation for YOU to play, too.

In this WP Kit, we’ll give you the full scoop you need for kicking off Writerly Play in your classroom.

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What if your students hurried to the page, filled with confidence and ideas?

What if (without being prompted) they asked themselves, “I’m finished early. How can I use this extra time to improve my work?” What if when they felt blocked, your students and their peers had a tool to help them collaborate and navigate their way back to productivity?

What if all of those wins could happen without your having to teach by someone else’s script? What if all you needed was a Quick-Start Guide, plus a little creativity of your own? Writerly Play is as flexible as a theatre game. You can shape the approach to fit your own needs.

This five-part video series complements our Quick Start to Writerly Play guide, and walks you through the basics of getting Writerly Play kicked off in your classroom.

“We can approach the entire creative process as a game—a complex, surprising, challenging game with ever-increasing levels of growth.”

Naomi Kinsman


Writer's Journal Games

Spark an air of possibility and play for your writers as you kick off their writer’s journals this year. Help them feel open to experimentation, excited about word play, and full of inspiration about moving the big ideas out of their hearts and heads onto the page. How? With games! Use these three games to tap into writers’ passion and unique voices.

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Narrative Games

Help your writers discover their personal wealth of experiences that can be transformed into small moment stories. We all know what it’s like to face a blank page, stuck, when we’re asked to write about our own lives. Surely, something interesting has happened to us?! Launch your writers into this year’s narrative unit with three simple, interactive games.

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