Spill Some Ink with Stone Soup

Congratulations! You’ve committed to the challenge of crafting a submission for Stone Soup‘s Personal Narrative Contest!

Spill Some Ink with Stone Soup will stretch your ideas and elevate the impact of your narrative. Any time you enter a contest, it’s an opportunity to put your best foot forward and to strengthen your overall writing skills.

Let’s play our way to the page together!

For this contest, we are looking for excellent, innovative, moving, playful personal narratives or mini-memoirs. There is no minimum length, but the maximum length is 10,000 words. Entries are due December 15, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time). To learn more and/or submit your piece, visit this link.

Spill Some Ink with Stone Soup

Our first two activities focus on idea exploration. You’ll choose a memorable moment and a unique-to-you approach to your piece. Chapters three and onward focus on revision strategies to help you add layers and flair to your submission. Stay tuned for upcoming activities all the way through the end of the application window! 

Want to see how a fellow educator shaped lessons around these videos in her classroom? View plans here.

Many thanks to Tracy Piombo, Teacher Librarian, Hillview Middle School!

Chapter One: What Story Will You Tell?

Maybe your head is buzzing with ideas and you’re not sure what to choose. Or, maybe you’re worried you don’t have any stories worth sharing. Either way, this activity will help you explore possibilities and choose a stand-out moment for your narrative.

Chapter Two: How Will You Frame Your Narrative?

Now that you know what story you want to tell, it’s time to decide HOW you’ll tell it. In this activity, we’ll explore a variety of options to spark your thinking. Where might your creativity lead you? 

Chapter Three: What’s the Heart of Your Story?

Once you’ve drafted your narrative, it’s time to bring out its best qualities. What, for instance, is the heart of your piece? Why is this moment important to you? Here’s a step-by-step revision strategy to help you find the heart of your narrative and weave that purposeful heartbeat throughout the piece. 

Chapter Four: How Does Your Scene Look, Sound, and Feel?

Add sensory detail to your personal narrative with this step-by-step revision strategy. For this activity, you’ll need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and some space to draw.

Chapter Five: How Might You Use Dialogue?

One of the best ways to add life and personality to your personal narrative is to include dialogue. In this revision strategy, we’ll explore strategies to make the most of your dialogue.  

Before you submit, click here to download our Tips and Tricks for Revision cheat sheet, which will help you spot check your final piece and bring your narrative even more vividly to life. Get those finishing touches handled and then come back to submit! We can’t wait to read what you’ve written.

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