This year, in honor of Giving Tuesday, we’re inviting you to support SYI by giving $25. That’s it. Just $25. $25 ONLY.

Society of Young Inklings’ mission is to empower youth writers. Our youth tell their powerful stories and witness the diversity of stories the community creates. Our empathy, perspective, and impact are multiplied by each person who takes part. Together, we’ll mightily empower youth writers in the development of their unique voices. Why only $25? By giving $25, you’re stating, loud and clear, that every story matters. As we all come together, your commitment is multiplied community-wide.

One of the most direct ways your donations are put to work is in our annual Inklings Book Contest. Each year at our Inklings Book launch party, I watch our youth authors glow with pride, reading their work for a packed house. The room is filled with the same kind of energy you would feel on the opening night of high school musicals. It’s excitement, to be sure, but also a feeling of shared accomplishment. We did this. We rolled up our sleeves, put in passionate long hours, and now, we’re celebrating the resulting masterpiece.

Our annual Inklings Book is the culmination of hundreds of hours of loving care, handled by hundreds of contributors. Who are those contributors?

  • Youth writers
  • Their parents and educators who support them
  • Our donors who make the program possible
  • Our volunteer mentors and editorial letter writers
  • Our expert judges
  • Our review committee
  • Our staff, board, and youth advisory board

We all feel a sense of ownership and joy, and that shared joy is multiplied in sweetness with each pair of hands.

So what can $25 do for SYI?

With $25, we can print and deliver two Inklings Book copies to a classroom in need, inspiring youth to enter our annual contest—in which each writer receives personalized feedback from a pro.

Multiplied by two, $25 provides outreach to a new, underserved school, including flyers and online tools to support educators and help youth prepare their entries.

Multiplied by ten, $25 provides training and support for five additional volunteer mentors, who can provide editorial letters for 25-50 additional applicants.

Multiplied by forty, $25 provides live writing webcasts for twenty underserved classrooms, with the replay available on demand to an even larger group of classrooms, to guide writers and teachers in the development of contest entries.

You can make a huge difference in the lives of youth today. Will you join us, and give $25?



 Give $25 for Giving Tuesday

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