Everyone has dreams. Everyone has a story to tell. We exist so that youth can realize their dream of sharing their story with the world. Your partnership with Society of Young Inklings empowers youth authors to confidently chase their dreams and write the stories that are in their minds and hearts. 

Your ongoing support helps Inklings like Chris and Diya tap into their voices, unleash their creativity, and take their writing to the next level. Both Chris and Diya are Inklings Book Contest students who were paired with a professional writer and mentor who worked with them to revise their stories and poems for publishing.

This is what they had to say about their experience:

[My poem’s] “rhythm changed and a lot of the mood. Some of the small words were changed to big words, and that changed how you feel when you read it. I want kids to feel inspired when they read my poem. I want other kids to know that you can be anything you want if you put in hard work and effort and try.”  Chris L. Matthews, II

Diya Balaji shares, “Revising doesn’t mean that your story is a bad one. It means that it has so much potential, that others can see that there is a way to make this a stronger story. Through this process, you will realize that one of the main things that a story needs after it’s written is fresh eyes to make it even better.”

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