Your Name in Ink

Editorial Publishing Mentorship for Novelists and Poets

Every writer dreams of holding a finished ink-and-paper book in their hands. But why should youth writers wait until they grow up for that dream to come true? Inklings such as Megan White, Sophia Nesamoney, and Avery Yue have proven that youth absolutely have the passion, dedication, and skill to create novels worthy of a reader’s nightstand.

Dreaming of seeing your name on the spine of a book?

In the Your Name in Ink Program, professional writers mentor youth through a 6-9 month editorial revision. This rigorous program is designed for youth who have already participated in another Inklings publishing program, and who are ready to work through the full range of steps to take their manuscript to a professional publication standard. After the editorial learning process, Your Name in Ink results in a published book available through independent bookstores and other retailers.

Through Your Name in Ink, you will:

  • experience the editorial process
  • take your writing skills to the next level
  • learn the ins and outs of how the publishing world works. 

Custom pricing is provided after your application is processed, and is based on length and complexity of the youth writer’s project. Generally, Your Name in Ink involves a service level of 6-8 hours of mentorship meetings, 40 hours of editorial reading, and at least 20 hours of professional copyediting, design, and illustration work. Need-based partial scholarships are available.

Your Name in Ink Publishing Program At a Glance


Writer is guided by their mentor through three full-novel read-throughs, focusing first on pacing and structure, then on character arc, and then on world-building and description. The full-novel revision process addresses the range of development needed to take a book to pro publication standards.

Layout & Design

A professional illustrator will create a cover and finalize after the writer’s feedback. In addition, our team will professionally design and lay out the cover and interior of your book. Our copyeditor provides a comprehensive review and provides the writer with the opportunity to review tracked changes.


Your book is published with an ISBN and distributed to Amazon and other online retailers for print-on-demand orders. You can also opt for an eBook version of your work. The book is also listed for sale in the Inklings bookstore, and revenue raises funds for writer’s chosen 501c3.


You are invited to choose from a range of a la carte marketing support. In addition, our mentor will write a letter of recommendation describing the writer’s revision process and demonstrated growth for their personal portfolio.

Apply for Your Name in Ink

To apply for Your Name in Ink, you need a full draft of a novel or poetry collection and commitment to the rigor of this program.

Apply Here

Would your parent would like to speak with our Mentorship Coordinator before you apply?

Wondering about scholarships? Apply for a need-based drafting or editorial program scholarship.


What does the Society of Young Inklings publish?

We are committed to printing and publishing stories and poems that impact the world in positive, transformational ways—works we’d be excited to share with the full age range of youth writers we serve. We do not print or publish work that promotes violence, cruelty, prejudice, reckless behavior, or any work containing sexual content.

What does the revision process look like?

Revision is handled in four steps, so you can focus on important aspects of your novel: plot, character, setting, and then a final run-through with the copyeditor focusing on fine-tune details. In each step, you will receive an editorial letter and will meet with your mentor to discuss your revision approach. 

How long does the process take?

The program is a 6-9-month process depending on the young writer’s pace. Mentors work with their writers to set flexible deadlines through the program, taking other commitments, desired finish date, and other factors into account. Once the final revision is complete, the layout and publication process takes about eight weeks.

What is my commitment in the Your Name in Ink program?

Your Name in Ink is a challenge, but your mentor will support you all the way. You will be required to complete agreed-upon amounts of drafting and revision by the due-dates you set together.

How are royalties handled?

Your Name in Ink is a pay-it-forward program. All young authors choose a  nonprofit organization to which they donate half of their book’s proceeds. The other half is donated to a scholarship fund for future Your Name in Ink writers. Young authors may choose any 501c3 organization that does not have political or religious affiliation. All rights, beyond first printing rights, remain with the author.

What will I gain from Your Name in Ink?

Your Name in Ink allows you to experience the editorial process under a mentor’s guidance. You will gain writing finesse and confidence. When the program is complete, you will have a printed or published book to call your own.