We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2022 Inklings Book Contest! 

Before we do that, we want you to know how amazing each and every submission that you sent in was. Sharing your writing takes courage, and we are so grateful that you shared your stories and poems with us.

All participants, please check the email address you provided when submitting for more details about what happens next.

Now, drum roll, please…the 2022 Inklings Book Contest winners are…

2022 Inklings Book Contest Winners

We look forward to working with each of these writers and publishing their stories and poems in the 2022 Inklings Book Anthology.

  • “The Kitty Diary: The New Pet” by Evelyn Bloomberg, 3rd Grade, from Bethseda, MD
  • “When You Die” by Phoebe Wagner, 3rd Grade, from Mountain View, CA
  • “Jogging with Eve” by Caroline Cui, 4th Grade, from Redwood City, CA
  • “Class President” by Naiara Ray Da Rocha, 4th Grade, from Maputo, Mozambique
  • “Gnomes on the Mountain” by Noelle Torgerson, 4th Grade, from Moscow, ID
  • “A Day with Ms. Lola Darby” by Henley Ferguson, 5th Grade, Olathe, KS
  • “Felled” by Nova Macknik-Conde, 5th Grade, from Brooklyn, NY
  • “Ode to Winter” by Camden DeOliveira, 6th Grade, from Mountain View, CA
  • “Hi-burn-ation” by Mariam Osman, 6th Grade, from Woodinville, WA
  • “Moon Walk” by William Miller, 7th Grade, from St. Louis, MO
  • “Reflection” by Amelia Pozzo, 7th Grade, from Arnold, MO
  • “The Truth in Time” by Lydia Wedan, 7th Grade, from Oakdale, MN
  • “15” by Desiree Arevalo-Gil. 8th Grade, from Santa Ana, CA
  • “Passages” by Alexa Daleidan, 8th Grade, from Satellite Beach, FL
  • “Grandfather” by Jordan Groocock, 8th Grade, from San Francisco, CA
  • “Lost Woods” by Naomi Pond, 8th Grade, from Seattle, WA
  • “The Last Dream” by Iago Macknik-Conde, 9th Grade, from Brooklyn, NY
  • “Tragedy Confined to Oblivion” by Lily Tuvi, 9th Grade, from San Francisco, CA

Inklings Book 2022 Encore Winners

This category features past Inklings Book Contest winners who excelled once again! We will also be featuring them in the 2022 Inklings Book Anthology.

  • “How to Appear Wise” by Molly Felt, 4th Grade, from Woodinville, WA
  • “Climbing a Mountain” by Steven Cavros, 5th Grade, from Tallahassee, FL
  • “The Mirror of Destiny” by Aidan Felt, 6th Grade, from Woodinville, WA
  • “Orchid” by Danica Richey, 7th Grade, from Ft. Worth, TX


  • Seren Mehta, 3rd Grade
  • Cora Perez, 3rd Grade
  • Gia Shah, 3rd Grade
  • Nyala Starr, 3rd Grade
  • Stella Chen, 4th Grade
  • Colin Gruner, 4th Grade
  • Maya Imaizumi, 4th Grade
  • Duncan Johnson, 4th Grade
  • Kenzie Lam, 4th Grade
  • Naomi Lam, 4th Grade
  • Sophia Ling, 4th Grade
  • Maya Mourshed, 4th Grade
  • Amelie Ronnie, 4th Grade
  • Alia Ashworth, 5th Grade
  • Ayla Cashman, 5th Grade
  • Mica Gonzalez, 5th Grade
  • Anneliese Jarausch, 5th Grade
  • Ayana Kadkol, 5th Grade
  • Anya Ramamurthy, 5th Grade
  • Sai Ramamurthy, 5th Grade
  • Millen Shah, 5th Grade
  • Sophie Wang, 5th Grade
  • Maryam Ali, 6th Grade
  • Surina Dave Coombe, 6th Grade
  • Chloe Cheung, 6th Grade
  • Madeline Cleveland, 6th Grade
  • Nicholas Coniglio, 6th Grade
  • Victoria Cui, 6th Grade
  • Nick Ferick, 6th Grade
  • Hayden Hughes, 6th Grade
  • Raya Ilieva, 6th Grade
  • Hailey Zhao, 6th Grade
  • Xuyi (Lauren) Zheng, 6th Grade
  • Aditi Dinesh, 7th Grade
  • Bella Dowd, 7th Grade
  • Brais Macknik-Conde, 7th Grade
  • Ella Doschek Serengulian, 7th Grade
  • Madeeha Waheed, 7th Grade
  • Sydney Walsh, 7th Grade
  • Anthony Wu, 7th Grade
  • Lucy Craven, 8th Grade
  • Helen Gu, 8th Grade
  • Claire Guo, 8th Grade
  • Zain Haseeb, 8th Grade
  • Maggie Liu, 8th Grade
  • Emily Menell, 8th Grade
  • Lucia Xiao, 8th Grade
  • Caitlyn Zhu, 8th Grade
  • King Hey Chan, 9th Grade
  • Kairavi Chandra, 9th Grade
  • Sophia Johnsen, 9th Grade
  • Anika Raffle, 9th Grade