What will you write next?

Maybe you’re looking for a quick-write prompt that you can draft in under an hour.

Or maybe you want to take on a bigger challenge, such as a novella or even a novel!

There’s no one right way to grow as a writer. What’s most important is that you take on the next right challenge for you, the one that motivates you and makes you excited to return to the page.

Maybe you already have your next writing idea. Or maybe you’re looking for one. Either way, you can shortcut your way from blank page to exciting idea with this simple tool. Try it below!

Do you love your idea?

Or maybe you want to dream up something new?

Join us for our Design a Novel workshop on October 16 & 17, 2021. Over the course of two days, you’ll learn how to shape a story idea into a plan for a novel.

Learning how to make a plan for a novel is a skillset that you can use again and again. Whether you choose to complete the draft of the novel, revise it, and publish it, or simply celebrate your accomplishment of shaping a novel idea, the choice (and the goal) is up to you!