We see you – a creative young person, words and ideas spilling out of your head and you want to get them down and make sense of them. You want to stretch and grow your writing skills and you want to connect with like-minded peers who also love playing with words and shaping stories… except you can’t find anyone else like that at school or in your neighborhood.

Writers need community. I know that when I’m developing a story, I need feedback, inspiration, and a dose of motivating accountability. Sounds easy enough, right? The thing is, I don’t need random feedback. I need a trusted group of dedicated peers, writers who have their sleeves rolled up and who are doing the same kind of work that I’m doing.

That’s part of why we created the Drafting Workshop. In the Drafting Workshop, you’ll join a group of creative writers who are in the midst of a big project, just like you. You’ll set personal goals, track your progress, get inspired, connect with other young writers, and ultimately, write more!


Here’s what one of our writers, Claire, has to say about the Drafting Workshop:

Sometimes, you say you’re going to write, but things get in the way, and the writing never actually gets done. The Drafting Workshop keeps me accountable by helping me set realistic goals and checking in on them. Checking the chats became part of my writing routine, reminding me and keeping me motivated to write.


If you’re ready to grow, if you’re ready to tackle a new writing challenge, if you’re ready to accelerate your creative momentum, then you’re a just-right fit for our Drafting Workshop. Start today. It’s not too late to join us!


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