One of our most favorite things

in the drafting workshop is our monthly author interview.

Each month, we sit down and talk shop with an author, live and on video.

As we get ready to open up our next Drafting Workshop session, we wanted to give you a sneak peek. Scroll down for our FULL interview with Lindsay Lackey.

Drafting Workshop Sneak Peek: Interview with Lindsay Lackey 

In this interview, Lindsay shares strategies for getting to know your characters, and for using real-life memories to make your stories feel more real to you … which makes them also feel more real for your readers.

She says:
The reason I fell in love with revision was because that was when the book came alive for me. It was the little moments that came as I was revising that really made me feel like the story was real, like the people were real. They became my friends, the characters, like they’re such a big part of my heart I feel like they’re real people and I miss them.


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