Your story matters.
Let’s get drafting.

In the Drafting Workshop, you’ll join a group of creative writers who are committed and passionate about their writing, just like you.

The Drafting Workshop is the heart of Society of Young Inklings, our online writer’s community, facilitated by Inklings mentors and Youth Advisory Board counselors. Whether you’re working on a major project, such as a novel, or completing shorter creative challenges, if you’re drafting your way onward and you want to take part more fully in our Society, the Drafting Workshop is for you!

Join the Drafting Workshop as a community member or add a once-monthly one-on-one session to personalize your experience.

Which Drafting Workshop level is right for you?

Drafting Workshop Community Member:
$25 monthly

As a DW Community Member, join us for live online activity sessions and author interviews, access past interviews and activities, take on writing challenges, collaborate with creative peers, and customize your experience based on your own schedule and what works best for you.

Drafting Workshop Mentorship:
$100 monthly

Enjoy all of the benefits of being a Community Member, and also connect with a mentor for a 45-minute one-on-one session once a month.

You’ll be able to plan on a regular day and time, for instance the third Wednesday of the month at 3:30 pm (PT) every month. Your mentor will support you as you set goals, track progress, and apply the concepts we’re exploring in the Drafting Workshop to your project specifically.

If you want mentor guidance and personalized feedback on your work and progress, the mentorship level of the Drafting Workshop may be the just-right fit for you.

    How the Drafting Workshop works:

    Each Week:
    Our live sessions offer activities, author interviews, and feedback opportunities. Writers may attend more than one session per week, but we cover the same basic material in all three.

    Each Month:
    Our monthly topic focuses our conversation and writing challenges through the month. Drafting Workshop Mentorship students will also check in with their mentors to track their progress toward their goals.

    Writers can pop into the DW to ask or answer a question on our discussion boards, watch a session replay, or take on a writing challenge to stretch their thinking in new directions.

    Here’s what some of our Inklings have to say about the Drafting Workshop:

    “The Drafting Workshop is fun because you get to work together and you get to connect with a counselor. I liked the ‘What’s the Worst Thing that Could Happen?’ Challenge. I opened up the discussion and saw what other people thought, and I could grab a bit of one and a bit of another, and add my own ideas until I found something for my own story that I could use. It was also helpful to set a goal and milestones.” – Victoria, 9 years old  

    “Before I started the Drafting Workshop, when I sat down to write, I often had a hard time knowing where to start. When I joined, the challenges helped me find a structure for my writing. Now, I have new goals to accomplish when I sit down to write.” – Ainsley, 14 years old

    “For a long time I’d been wanting to write more. The Drafting Workshop community encouraged me to stick with my writing.” – Selby, 10 years old

    What else should I know?

    Check out our comprehensive FAQ and other details about the Drafting Workshop by visiting this link.