The 2020 Inklings Book Contest is open for submissions! Woohoo!

Please note! We’ve extended the application window to give time to writers at home due to COVID-19 to take advantage of the Inklings Book Contest opportunity. All stories and poems must be received by the end of the day on 3/31/20.

We’ve got one final mini-lesson for you today. This one is all about those final touches you need to handle before you submit. Watch the video below and click to download our submission checklist.

If you’d like to dive into ALL of our prep-lessons, sign up for our free Inklings Book Contest Prep Course. It will take from start to finish and even help you revise and format your work for submission.

 All right… let’s get started… 🎉


First of all, we’re so proud of you for the work you have done! Sharing your words can be scary sometimes, but be brave! When you share your writing with readers, you make a connection and give them the gift of your creativity and perspective.

You may be done writing and revising, but hold your horses one more moment…there are a few things you should double check before submitting to the Inklings Book Contest. In this mini-lesson, Naomi will walk you through your final steps and show you how to submit. Click here to download the checklist and get started.

For the Inklings Book Contest, we’d also like your stories and poems to be in manuscript format. After you run through the checklist, take a minute to adjust your document format and you’ll be all set to go.

Fantastic, Inkling! You’re ready. Click below to submit to the contest.

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