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Buckle up and explore the world through the eyes of twenty youth authors. This twelfth edition of the annual Inklings Book anthology features work by youth writers in grades three through nine. Inside these pages, you’ll be swept out to sea, travel through magical lands, experience mystery, magic, history, and the here and now. Most importantly, you’ll hear the beat of each writer’s unique heart. Each piece is paired with a letter from the youth’s author-mentor who guided the revision process. The Inklings Book 2020 is part literary feast, part practical revision guide-a book to be savored by readers and writers of all ages. 


  • Diya Balaji
  • Claire Belcourt
  • Steven Cavros
  • Jubilee Close
  • Victoria Cui
  • Aidan Felt
  • Ynez Foxe-Roberson
  • Declan Greer
  • Claire Guo
  • Suhani Gupta
  • Trisha Iyer
  • Ayana Kadkol
  • Karina Knowles
  • Emma Long
  • Audrina Quiroz
  • Reagan Ricker
  • Shreya Sujit
  • Lila Tierney
  • Pierce Wright
  • Anna Yang


  • Bronté Bettencourt
  • Philomena Block
  • Alex Doherty
  • Malar Ganapathiappan
  • Melanie Heuiser Hill
  • Jamie Kallio
  • Ailynn Knox-Collins
  • Naomi Kinsman
  • Tasslyn Magnusson
  • Desiree Middleton
  • Melody Reed
  • Beth Spencewood
  • Elizabeth Verdick
  • Megan White
  • Kristi Wright

Proceeds from sales of this book support the free-to-all annual Inklings Book Contest, in which all youth applicants receive personalized, encouraging feedback on their work. Learn more about Society of Young Inklings at www.younginklings.org.

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