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Dive into the Inklings Book and be swept into adventure, time travel, a fantastical forest, and even the quiet of a moonlit night. The stories and poems included in this year’s anthology are filled with courage, hope, empathy, and joy.

Society of Young Inklings’ fourteenth annual Inklings Book anthology features stories and poems by youth authors in grades three through nine. Each piece is paired with a letter from the youth writer’s author-mentor, who guided them through a personalized revision, plus an interview about the experience. The result is this extraordinary collection of stories and poems showcasing the power of youth voices and the craft of creative writing and revision. Whether you’re looking for an excellent read, inspiration for your own writing, or both, you’ve found the just-right book.


Youth authors featured in this collection:

  • Naomi Pond
  • Lily Tuvi
  • Noelle Torgerson
  • Caroline Cui
  • Evelyn Bloomberg
  • Phoebe Wagner
  • Alexa Daleiden
  • Desiree Arevalo-Gil
  • Iago Macknik-Conde
  • Nova Macknik-Conde
  • Jordan Groocock
  • Mariam Osman
  • Amelia Pozzo
  • Naiara Ray Da Rocha
  • Camden DeOliveira
  • William Miller
  • Henley Ferguson
  • Molly Felt
  • Aidan Felt
  • Steven Cavros
  • Danica Richey
  • Lydia Wedan

Mentor-authors featured in this collection:

  • Ashley Walker
  • Avalon Lee
  • Beth Spencewood
  • Betty Culley
  • Dakota Taylor
  • Elizabeth Verdick
  • Erin Halden
  • Gina DeCiani
  • J.J. Austrian
  • Jodi Anderson-Wolhaupter
  • Justine Manzano
  • Kesha Grant
  • Kristi Wright
  • Lisa Riddiough
  • Malar Ganapathiappan
  • Melody Reed
  • Naomi Kinsman
  • Philomena Block

Proceeds from sales of this book support the free-to-all annual Inklings Book Contest, in which all youth applicants receive personalized, encouraging feedback on their work. Learn more about Society of Young Inklings at www.younginklings.org.

Copies will be available soon on Amazon or support indie bookstores by purchasing a copy from Bookshop.org.