We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2021 Inklings Book Contest! 

Before we do that, we want you to know how amazing each and every submission that you sent in was. All participants, please check the email address you provided when submitting for more details about what happens next.

Now, drum roll, please…the 2021 Inklings Book Contest winners are…

2021 Inklings Book Contest Winners!

We look forward to working with each of these writers and publishing their stories and poems in the 2021 Inklings Book Anthology.

“Thoughts on a Star-Filled Night” by Rianne Chen, 3rd Grade, form West Newton, MA
“Molly” by Molly Felt, 3rd Grade, from Lake Forest Park, WA
“A Universal Deal” by James Wang, 3rd Grade, from Irvine, CA
“Finding Delight in the City of Lights and Rain” by Alex Hera Agirbicean, 4th Grade, from Chicago, IL
“Sorry” by Lindsay Gao, 4th Grade, from Dublin, OH
“Blizzard Day” by Jennylee Dilney, 5th Grade, from Zachary, LA
“The Museum Thief” by Nithya Karambakkam, 6th Grade, from San Jose, CA
“Mother of the Earth” by Aisha Rae McCulloch, 6th Grade, from San Francisco, CA
“Magic Night” by Danica Richey, 6th Grade, from Fort Worth, TX
“The Place We Go” by Paloma Strutz, 6th Grade, from San Francisco, CA
“Hurricane” by Jade Tysor, 6th Grade, from Mission Viejo, CA
“Crimson Sky” by Daniel Zhu, 6th Grade, from San Jose, CA
“Grim Reaper” by Aaminah Memon, 7th Grade, from Los Altos, CA
“The Violet Rose: The Tale of a Master Thief” by Rahul Sundaresan, 7th Grade, from Mountain View, CA
“The Quality Motel” by Sofia Susal, 7th Grade, from San Franscisco, CA
“Below the Water’s Surface” by Audrianna VanHeuvelen, 7th Grade, from Emmetsburg, IA
“Home” by Thee Sim Ling, 8th Grade, from Singapore
“Buglover” by Madeline Sornson, 8th Grade, from La Jolla, CA
“The Fight for Freedom” by Cecilia Appel, 9th Grade, from Tucson, AZ
“Ms. Avery’s Garden” by Allison Xu, 9th Grade, from Rockville, MD

Inklings Book 2021 Encore Writers

This category features past Inklings Book Contest winners who excelled once again! We will be featuring them in the 2021 Inklings Book Encore Anthology.

“Memories” by Steven Cavros, 4th Grade, from Tallahassee, FL
“A Little Dance” by Ayana Kadkol, 4th Grade, from Cupertino, CA
“Dear Lily” by Maryam Ali, 5th Grade, from Houston, TX
“Spirit” by Victoria Cui, 5th Grade, from Atherton, CA
“The Storm” by Karina Knowles, 7th Grade, from San Jose, CA
“Butterfly Beauty” by Audrina Quiroz, 7th Grade, from Corona, CA
“Sparrow’s Journey” by Lila Tierney, 7th Grade, from Portland, OR
“Undone” by Caitlyn Zhu, 7th Grade, from Los Altos, CA
“A Not So Purr-fect Vacation” by Sanjay Ravishankar, 8th Grade, from Pleasanton, CA
“Teenage Love” by Reagan Ricker, 8th Grade, from Coto de Caza, CA
“The Sundial Case” by Maizie Ferguson, 9th Grade, from Olathe, KS
“The Woman in the Moon” by Trisha Iyer, 9th Grade, from Cupertino, CA
“Hole in the Wall” by Claire Lignore, 9th Grade, from Portland, OR


Duncan Johnson, 3rd Grade
Hsing-Yu Liu, 3rd Grade
Kate Tighe, 3rd Grade
Kenzie Lam, 3rd Grade
Maya Mourshed, 3rd Grade
Analise Braddock, 4th Grade
Anneliese Jarausch, 4th Grade
Caroline Gao, 4th Grade
Colby Paulson, 4th Grade
Henley Ferguson, 4th Grade
Kailey Liou, 4th Grade
Shreya Sujit, 4th Grade
Aidan Felt, 5th Grade
Amruta Krishnan Srinivasan, 5th Grade
Raya Ilieva, 5th Grade
Sierra Elman, 5th Grade
Teagan Schmidt, 5th Grade

Aadhya Gupta, 6th Grade
Charlie Skanberg, 6th Grade
Ellie Choi, 6th Grade
Elodie Weinzierl, 6th Grade
Jonathan Li, 6th Grade
Kara Horne, 6th Grade
Lara Fraenkel, 6th Grade
Matthew Barnett, 6th Grade
Meera Srini, 6th Grade
Risha Jadhav, 6th Grade
Suhayla Patel, 6th Grade
Summer Balfanz, 6th Grade
Adelle Kang, 7th Grade
Aneesha Kocharlakota, 7th Grade
Eric Herrera, 7th Grade
Helen Gu, 7th Grade
Isabelle Ling, 7th Grade

Jordan Groocock, 7th Grade
Kalina Gandurski, 7th Grade
Kaya Feldman, 7th Grade
Maggie Liu, 7th Grade
Sahana Srinivasan, 7th Grade
Shai Cohen, 7th Grade
Sophia Zhang, 7th Grade
Catherine Gruen, 8th Grade
Eleanor Yu, 8th Grade
Julia Ahn, 8th Grade
Lily Tuvi, 8th Grade
Linda Chang, 8th Grade
Natalie Slate, 8th Grade
Suyami Bermudez, 8th Grade
Anya Geist, 9th Grade
Kayleen Xiong, 9th Grade
Lauren Lin, 9th Grade