Learning Opportunities

Grit, Empathy and Vision

When passionate youth mentor with talented pros, they not only grow as writers, but they develop core skills that affect every area of their lives. In Inklings programs, youth learn practical strategies for developing as artists, gain creative momentum, and tap into the power of their voices as they share their work with peers and a reading audience.

A Challenge for Every Writer

Whether you’re looking to dive into a big project, a self-serve online course, or long-term individualized attention, there’s an Inklings program for you.

Inklings Book Contest

Enter our annual poetry and short story contest today! Whether you write stories or poems or both, whether your words are funny, heartfelt, imaginative, or true-to-life, there’s a place for you in the Inklings Book Contest. Every 3rd-9th grade writer who enters will receive feedback. That means this contest is a win-win, for every applicant!


Work one-on-one with a mentor weekly or bi-weekly on the project of your choice. Many of our mentorship students choose to draft a book in a mentorship program with a publishing goal in mind. Writers might instead work their way through a series of small, experimental projects to develop their skills. We customize the program specifically to fit your project, skill level, and goals.

Inklings Membership

When you join Society of Young Inklings, you’ll join a group of creative writers who are committed and passionate about their writing, just like you.

Our membership community includes: A monthly journaling challenge, two live sessions per month – an author interview and a peer collaboration session, an active community discussion area where you can share your writing and get feedback, join in on the conversation about author interviews and live sessions, and more!

Why online programs?

Online tools make it possible for busy authors and pros to work and connect with youth even if they don’t live in the same neighborhood. The added plus we didn’t even expect? Video conferencing and Google docs make collaboration even more comfortable for mentors and youth, upping focus, specificity of instruction, and growth. A win-win!

Have a draft of a book you'd like to publish?

Learn the creative and exciting art of full novel revision as you work your way toward publishing your debut book! Youth writers shouldn’t have to wait until much, much later to publish a book. We don’t think so, anyway! Our Fresh Ink Publishing Program is designed for youth looking to grow artistically through a professional publishing experience.

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