Board Position Description

The SYI Board functions primarily as a think tank. We meet virtually, and have board members nationwide. At meetings, we collaborate, problem solve, brainstorm and make strategic decisions. We ask board members to commit to attend 70-100% of our bi-monthly meetings. Beyond meetings, board members support SYI with gifts of knowledge, time, and financial contribution.


We invite each board member to consider serving on a focused collaoration team with our Executive Director and/or other SYI stakeholders. Potential areas of collaboration include (but are not limited to):

  • Financial Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Volunteer and Community Development

As a board, we have identified the following areas as high-impact volunteer opportunities:

  • Donor cultivation and retention
  • Partnership/collaboration development
  • End of year letter campaign
  • Collaborating Artist Program invitations
  • Program/participant evaluations
  • Event coordination and support
  • Grant identification/ proposal writing

Financial Contribution
The SYI Board is a 100% giving board. However, historically some board members have given more significantly of their time and knowledge than through financial gifts. In order to be a 100% giving board, it is essential that each board member annually donate to SYI. Even a small contribution ($5-$25) is sufficient and significant. Additional ways to financially support SYI include:

  • Introducing individual donors to Society of Young Inklings’ Executive Director
  • Introducing potential corporate donors to Society of Young Inklings
  • Hosting a fundraising event

Interested? Email Naomi Kinsman: naomi AT younginklings.org

Fundraising Specialist Board Position

As part of the Board, this member will provide strategic leadership and training for the board of directors in support of the organization’s annual and long-range fundraising efforts. This board member will use their network and develop additional networks to enhance fundraising. In coordination with the Executive Director and our back office team, Accordus, this member will help test, evaluate, and refine a sustainable fundraising strategy.

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